Saturday, December 02, 2006


"Training and working as a ceramicist in London
Portuguese designer Deborah Daniel has had plenty of
experience with hands on work.Exhibiting both in her
home country and in the UK has had an undoubtable
influence on her work and general view of the world.
"I love Japanese Manga and the old school animation.I
grew up watching Candy Candy,Moo min and Marco amongst
many others.I guess it's had a huge influence on me. I
love making things...cute things with a slight dark
side to them!"
Munano started as a stall selling in craft fairs and
in Brick Lane's Sunday Upmarket, a highly respected
and influential market place in the east end of London
that many well known designers use as a referral and
inspiration for their own creations.
Now Munano is going global.We sell in shops in London,
Rennes and Lisbon.
Every stitch is sewn with love and with the hope that
they capture the innocence and fun of a world
sometimes overlooked.
What does munano mean?
Munano /'m(u:)nan(u:)/: an unstoppable creative energy
harnessed to evolve into unusual and inspiring